There may be many reasons behind the need for personal privacy such as the desirable protection of a well-known family when there is a genuine safety risk. An effective privacy plan is not limited to financial interests, it shall cover different kinds of assets (real estate, shares, fine art, and so on) in accordance to individual needs.

Within the commercial arena, business privacy may be highly valuable, for instance, to protect secrecy of IP rights or to prevent unfriendly interferences from the delicate negotiation of a deal. Identity of a party to a contract, ownership of rights or carrying out of a given activity, will be sheltered from third parties’ knowledge.

When speaking about privacy, the distinction between protection from knowledge of private parties and public authorities, is relevant.

TrustLegalPro Law Firm assists Clients with 360 degrees solutions for

  • holding financial and non-financial assets anonymously
  • safeguarding ownership confidentiality
  • protecting commercial secrecy
  • carrying out business in a discreet and private manner


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