Governance unity is at risk in shared proprietary rights and multi-person management: basically any co-ownership and co-management potentially lead to disagreement, contrasts and disputes.

Governance continuity is endangered each time that transfer of rights to third parties takes place. Within family businesses, business continuity may fail when company is passed on to the next generation.

TrustLegalPro Associate advises on structures ensuring control and stability over time

  • family governance
  • estate & succession planning
  • corporate governance
  • generation handover¬†


Effective governance in practice means unproblematic management based on simplicity and results-driven. A successful governance structure offers no room for litigation.

Whether you find yourself in a confrontational situation and you need to settle a disagreement underway or you wish to prevent potential disagreements in the future, TrustLegalPro Associate is of assistance through structures specifically aimed at

  • out-of-court dispute settlement
  • civil litigation prevention